I am often asked the question: "Sterilization of my dog ​​or cat, should we do it or not? "


  • For the male cat, the question of sterilization arises so to speak more. The smell, the marking habits, the running away, the fights and the neighbors will convince you quickly of the merits of the operation.


  • For the dog, castration does not arise with the same necessity. Except behavioral or medical problems: aggressiveness, marking, fugue where castration can be considered.


  • For the cat the sterilization is more common, unless kittens are desired. Heats, repeated gestations, mewings, markings will eventually convince us of the usefulness of the operation.


  • For bitches, more and more bitches are sterilized to avoid hunts and especially problems related to the ovarian cycle. For females indeed, I advise early sterilization, before the first heat to avoid breast cancer, matrix infections or nerve pregnancies.


  • As a general rule, for females, in order to have the best possible protection, sterilization around six months before the first hunts is advised.


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