Mosquito-like insects transmit a life-threatening infection: Canine leishmaniasis.


How is leishmaniasis transmitted?

The disease is caused by a microscopic parasite called Leishmania infantum, transmitted by the bite of a gnat: the sandfly. Dogs can be stung up to 100 times per hour during this midge's season of activity, from May to September.

In case of infection, it is possible that the symptoms do not appear immediately. But when present, they include fever, loss of hair (especially around the eyes), weight loss, skin lesions and disorders affecting the nails of the animal. Internal organs are also affected, which can lead to anemia, arthritis and severe kidney failure. This disease is often fatal and the implementation of expensive treatments only limits the symptoms, in no case to cure the disease. 2.5 million dogs are already infected with this parasite.

The first vaccine against canine leishmaniasis is available.

Prevention remains the best protection!

In southern Europe, many dogs are at constant risk of canine leishmaniasis and this disease is now spreading to northern Europe. Vaccination stimulates your dog's immune system to be more resistant. Vaccination against canine leishmaniasis can offer your dog a new method of protection.

I can tell you about the best dog canine leishmaniasis protection measures for your dog.



Sandflies are widespread insects and can be found in many habitats in southern Europe.

The Mediterranean countries particularly concerned are:

(Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya)

In these countries, the "Sand Flies or Sandflies" season lasts from May to September, or October when the summer is prolonged.

Until now, preventive methods against canine leishmaniasis have been limited to reducing outbreaks of sandflies and protecting the animal with a repellent insecticide.

As with most vaccines, the immune system needs regular reminders.

The best time to vaccinate the dog is as soon as possible or before traveling to southern Europe.

Talk to me early enough to start the vaccination.

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