Graduated from the University of Liège (Cureghem) in 1982, I then continued my internship at the Veterinary Clinic of the Avenue d'Auderghem in Brussels. I practice until 1994 as a surgeon.


Dr Stéphane Massard

I practice orthopedic and reconstructive surgery at the Veterinary Clinic of Château d'Eau in Chaumont-Gistoux (Wallonia). I also collaborate with the Centro Veterinario de Altea in Spain.

Based in my private practice in Ixelles, I practice canine and feline medicine, as well as NACs: "new pets".

General practitioner, my office is also equipped for:

- Abdominal surgery
- Orthopedic surgery
- Ophthalmology
- Dermatology
- Radiology
- Endoscopy


My goal and my mission are to help you live harmoniously and pleasantly with your pet.

It starts at the birth of your companion.

We must closely follow his first steps, take care of his diet, think of its vaccine protection, its identification, do not forget to eliminate unwanted parasites, to grow.

And above all, he must take his place in the family. Live with us.
His education is essential, having an animal must be a pleasure and not a torture, in the mutual respect of the master and the animal.


My goal as a veterinarian is to try to prevent rather than heal.
It must sometimes be cured of juvenile diseases.
Consider whether or not sterilization.

If your companion has to travel, it must be protected from pathologies, and parasitic diseases in different countries.

With age, it is necessary to accompany him, to help him to preserve his health: blood test, oral care ...
But sometimes, it can be unfortunately affected by more or less serious diseases, accidents or behavioral problems, harmful to his health.
There, I will be present with my experience to heal him and follow him in his healing.
And over time help him finish his land journey.

My veterinary practice is adapted to welcome and treat your companion (surgery room, X-ray machine, hospitalization rooms, endoscopy, electrocardiography ...)

If necessary, I collaborate with colleagues who can also help me and assist me for the welfare of your pet.