You will go on a trip with your pet. To travel freely beyond our borders, a number of conditions must be met. You will find below, in the form of abbreviated lists, the rules to be respected according to the countries. Be careful, some countries limit the number of animals that can travel. Make sure all the requirements are met, and contact me to help you solve a problem or if you have a doubt.

Identification (by chip or tattoo) is mandatory for dogs and cats.

Electronic identification consists of an injection under the skin of an electronic chip and therefore does not require anesthesia. He will receive his European passport at this time. The Community Pet Passport is intended to accompany the animal throughout its life. Your pet will then be saved in a database, so you can be notified if it gets lost. This registration makes the link between the animal and the passport.

The animals identified in Belgium can be found throughout Europe thanks to the European database, but it is better to register them in the country of residence. European citizens can travel freely in the EU with a cat, dog or ferret, provided their companion has a passport. This passport contains the details of the anti-rabies vaccination. If you have a dog, cat or ferret less than three months old (and not vaccinated against rabies), consult the national legislation. . To travel freely beyond our borders, a number of conditions must be met.

With regard to pet movements between all EU Member States, valid rabies vaccination will be the only requirement for cross-border movement (please note UK, Norway, Malta, Finland) . Just go to the vet who will vaccinate your pet and insert the appropriate data into the passport.

The Community Pet Passport will facilitate veterinary checks and simplify the life of the owners of these animals, who are traveling, as there will be only one system applicable to all EU countries.

If I travel from a non-EU country to an EU Member State. Can I use the passport?

Normally no, the passport is in principle only used for pets traveling between the Member States of the European Union. However, you can also use the pet passport if you are traveling to or traveling from one of the neighboring countries where the rabies status matches that of the EU. These countries are: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican City State.